Heating and Cooling

At Laser Electrical Albany we have the heating solutions to keep your house both warm and cool, when you need it to be.

Kiwi's love their heatpumps, they are great for keeping you warm through the colder months and the right sized heatpump can be very energy efficient. They can also keep you cooler in the warmer months, especially on the balmy summer nights when it's too hot to sleep.

Comfort and convenience is the key, you don't want to sit around freezing waiting for your home to heat up and you don't want to be heating your home when you are not there.

Todays heatpumps have the technology to heat the spaces you need heated when you need it.

We can install the right size heatpumps in your home.

Underfloor Heating

Make your home a warm and luxurious oasis.

Underfloor heating can make a cold tiled bathroom a space you will enjoy to be in. No more getting up in the morning to a cold bathroom, the room is heated as well as the floors, and you can control your underfloor heating and heated towel rails with a smart controller to keep the running cost down.

Underfloor heating can be installed in other area's of the home where you want the floors heated, it provides a comfortable warmth.

Air-conditioning and Heatpumps

Laser Electrical Albany can help you choose the right heat pumps for your home.

Ensuring you have the correct size unit will provide you with the most energy efficient solution to keep your home cosy over those cold winter months and cool during the warmer periods.

We can design and install the system that will fit your home perfectly from hi wall units to ducted systems.

Heat pumps need a small amount of regular servicing to keep them running at the optimum output, we can provide this service.

Talk to us about designing a system to make your home heating efficient and so comfortable.

Clean and quiet and energy efficient.

Extraction Fans

A dry home is a healthy home. Install exhaust fans to remove unwanted steam and moisture from your homes wet areas.

A well ventilated home will be dryer and less likely to have unhealthy mould growing that can trigger illness and allergies, a considerable proportion of childhood asthma is attributable to exposure to indoor dampness and mould. A dry home is easier to heat than a wet home so your heating costs are less.

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